How potentially severe is your morning sickness?

Since up to 85% of pregnant women may suffer from nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP), it's important to find out if your health is being affected too.1 That way you can seek help from your healthcare professional and learn about treatments to help relieve the symptoms.

A standardized questionnaire, called Pregnancy-Unique Quantification of Emesis (PUQE), is used by the medical community to measure the potential severity of your morning sickness.2 This PUQE Score calculation is for information purposes only. You are encouraged to talk to your healthcare professional about all of your symptoms. Your PUQE2 score could help with those discussions.

The PUQE-24 score is calculated by adding assigned values of each answer, (1) to (5), results ranging from 3-15. This validated scoring system was developed from the Rhodes scale to establish a clinically relevant method for evaluation of the severity of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy within the clinical practice and research.2

PUQE-24 Score: Mild ≤ 6; Moderate = 7-12; Severe = 13-15

Start the evaluation to learn the potential severity of your morning sickness. Select the answer that best describes how you've felt in the last 24 hours. You may review this with your healthcare professional.

Worst possible before pregnancy
The best I felt before pregnancy



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