Talking to your healthcare professional

You are not alone. Morning sickness can affect up to 85% of pregnant women.1 Sadly, many women are reluctant to discuss their morning sickness with their healthcare professional because they feel embarrassed, or think it's not a serious issue, that it's normal, or they should just grin and bear it.

Whatever the reason, it's important to tell your healthcare professional about your symptoms, no matter what trimester you're in. Your healthcare professional can discuss how to manage your symptoms and which treatment could be right for you.


Eating small meals is 1 way to cope with morning sickness >



  1. Gadsby R, Barnie-Adshead AM, Jagger C. A prospective study of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Br J Gen Pract. 1993;43:245-248.
Talking to your healthcare professional

What does NVP stand for?

NVP is a medical condition called nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.

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How long does morning sickness last?

For most women it ends a few weeks after the first trimester, but for some it can last the entire pregnancy.

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Talk to your healthcare professional about your morning sickness symptoms and options that are safe for you and your baby.