Fit Tips for Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy has tremendous benefits for the mom-to-be, in fact the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends pregnant women exercise at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week. The ideal workout gets your heart pumping, keeps you limber, manages weight gain, and prepares your muscles without causing undue physical stress for you or the baby.

Fitness Tips by Jackie Scorzetti

As a mother of two, Jackie understands the challenges and, often, limitations associated with first trimester pregnancy. She has designed fitness and exercise tips with these challenges in mind, as a way to keep the body strong and healthy even when it is under stress. Read more

The Yoga Squat – Pelvic Floor Strengthener

We all know the benefits of Kegel exercises for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. These muscles, if properly and routinely strengthened during pregnancy, will make for a smoother labor and delivery, as well as post-partum recovery. Read more

The Plank and Side Plank – Core Strengthener

Pregnancy calls for some creativity when it comes to abdominal exercise, as lying on our backs in traditional sit-up style is generally considered a no-no after the first trimester. Get the most bang for your buck by practicing the plank and side plank. Read more

Cat and Cow – Abdominal Strengthener

This exercise is a simple and effective way to target the transverse abdominis, which are the muscles that run horizontally like a belt, and help define and maintain the feminine curve of your waistline. Keeping these muscles toned now will reduce your body-back time after baby comes. Read more

Hammer Curl/Tricep Extension Combo – Upper Body Strengthener

It’s never too early to prepare for all the heavy lifting that will come along with baby. This combo move will tone and strengthen the biceps and triceps, as well as incorporate the anterior muscles of the shoulder. Be sure to tuck your pelvis during this exercise to help support your lower back. Read more

Cardio Counts

The most important muscle in your body is your heart. There are many safe ways to keep your heart healthy and strong during your pregnancy. Working up a good sweat will cleanse and detoxify your body and help your skin shed dead cells, but be mindful that you don’t get too short of breath and that you are still able to hold a conversation during exercise. Read more

Talk to your healthcare professional about your morning sickness symptoms and options that are safe for you and your baby.